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Thank you to everyone for the kind words after our announcement yesterday! We’re so happy the secret it out and the whole thing feels very surreal. I’m going to be recapping the 1st trimester today. I’m already a couple weeks into the 2nd trimester so some of these answers have definitely changed haha but I wrote this post a couple weeks ago so I wouldn’t forget anything!

How did you feel in the first trimester?

Overall, I feel really lucky to have had a pretty uneventful, smooth first trimester. I know that is not the case for many women! In January, I was in a state of exhaustion that I have truly never felt before. I don’t even know if exhausted is a strong enough word for it. But working out, getting out of the house for shoots and frequent naps helped a lot! I also have had some pesky headaches (that have gotten worse in the 2nd trimester- joy!). I was also surprised how calm and happy I felt (and continue to feel) on a day to day basis. I imagined pregnant Caroline’s hormones going crazy and being irrationally emotional all the time. But I’m thrilled to say this was not the case and my breakdowns were few and far between!

Any cravings or food aversions?

I haven’t noticed much here! I did notice that, even before finding out I was pregnant, all I wanted was WATER, WATER, WATER. Tons and tons of water. LaCroix and Iced Green Tea (which I used to drink a lot of) didn’t sound nearly as appealing anymore. Other than that, I’ve just been eating normally and maybe snacking a bit more on cheese than I was before haha.. *shrug*

How have you changed your workout routine?

My workout routine has been all over the place the last couple of years but immediately after finding out I was pregnant, this definitely motivated me to make it a consistent priority again! I’ve been running once a week, walking when I didn’t have the energy to run, doing unheated yoga 1-2 times a week, and strength training about 3 times a week. I have absolutely reduced the intensity of all of the above, always listening to my body and not introducing any new moves- these are all things my body was used to doing pre-pregnancy. Again, I was very lucky that I felt well enough in my first trimester to work out at all. In fact, it actually made me feel a lot better to do so!

For those curious, Mary Catherine has a great video about modifying your yoga practice when pregnant (I also told my usual teacher around 10 weeks just so she knew).

Have you bought any maternity clothes yet?

I really tried to hold off during the first trimester because I was so nervous before that first official appointment! But I did buy one “grow with you” casual dress from PinkBlush, with the hopes of taking weekly bump photos in it. But I honestly haven’t really been into the bump pics haha. I also bought an Ingrid & Isabel bellaband on Amazon. I’m still 100% in pre-pregnancy clothes and haven’t worn either of my purchases yet as I’m still patiently waiting for the bump to make an appearance!

Have you started working on the nursery?

Funnily enough, when we found out I was pregnant, we were working on making a super cozy, coastal guest room. That mission has now been completely abandoned and, instead, I’m starting to dream up ideas for a nursery. Sometimes I just sit in that room and let my imagination wander. It’s quickly becoming my favorite room in our house! Dan has started building some shelves in the closet but other than that, no real work has been done! We were waiting to find out the gender : )

What are your first trimester “must haves”?

I started taking this Prenatal Vitamin last June and love it.

I splurged on a Yeti 30 oz Tumbler the night I found out I was pregnant and now take it everywhere with me!

I made the switch to Schmidt’s natural deodorant last July but I’d say this is a must have.

I also started looking into Beautycounter and Primally Pure for more natural face wash and makeup products. I’ve purchased a few things but nothing I’m ready to recommend quite yet – for another blog post!

Lots of pillows. I already slept with a lot of pillows now it’s just become absurd. Dan laughs at me as I’m circled by pillows- front, back, everywhere.

I bought this Bump for Joy! Pregnancy Journal pretty soon after finding out I was pregnant and have loved writing in it every week : )

For those who have been pregnant before, any tips for the 2nd trimester?


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