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I don’t know where I’d be without some amazing online tools helping me run my business. These programs have saved me hours upon hours of work and have helped my business grow and allowed me to serve my clients better over the last 11+ years in business. When I first started, I remembering not even knowing where to start! It was mentors and blog posts like this one that helped me get my footing, so I want to return the favor!

Best Wedding Photography Business Tools

Showit – I have always loved designing my website on my own and having full control over how it looks. When I first started my business, I dove into learning html/css and more. Then Showit came around and what’s amazing about it is I still have full control but I don’t need to worry about any of the coding. It just plug in, drag and drop, and publish! Even the hosting is through them, which just simplifies my whole life. My favorite part is that it works so smoothly with WordPress for blogging, which I’ve been using since 2009!

Use my link for a month free.

Davey & Krista Showit & Elementor Website Templates – I’ve been following Krista and using her as a website, design and SEO resource for over 10 years now(!) I love her work because not only is it beautiful but her designs are backed by data of what’s successful, what attracts clients, and what does well in SEO. As a photographer herself, Krista knows what photographers need, which saves me time! They are also super easy to customize to fit my own branding.

Pixieset – I have been using Pixieset since they first launched in 2013 and although more gallery sharing companies have come on the market since then, I still find Pixieset to be the easiest to use (for both me and my clients!). Uploading galleries, sharing them with clients and vendors, and allowing clients to order prints is so seamless!

Use my link for an additional 250MB of free storage.

Honeybook – I switched to Honeybook CRM a couple of years ago and I love it! I feel so professional and on top of my workflow with Honeybook. It’s always intimidating to set up a new CRM system and build a new workflow but Honeybook’s customer service and their “Honeybook Pros” have been so helpful taking my automations to the next level. I love how much Honeybook can do for me in the background so I can spend more time shooting (or sleeping or spending time with my kids :)) than getting bogged down in the repetitive tasks in my business. It has also truly helped me take my client experience to the next level!

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ImagenAI – The first time I sent a full wedding to ImagenAI and then I got an email less than 6 minutes later saying my wedding had been edited and was ready for viewing, my mind was blown! ImagenAI is using thousands upon thousands of photos I’ve already edited myself to uniquely edit my images. It’s not like a preset that is just copy and pasting edits across the board, it’s way smarter and custom than that! If you’re a photographer and you’re not using ImagenAI what are you waiting for?!

Use my link for 1500 free photo edits.

Flodesk – Email marketing is something I’ve been really focused on over the last two years or so. Email marketing companies I’ve used in the past have always been pretty clunky, complicated and difficult to use. Flodesk is not only incredible simple, it’s so pretty. It makes making beautiful email newsletters a piece of cake! As a reader, I can immediately tell when I open my inbox what emails were made in flodesk, they’re that amazing!

Use my link to get 50% off your first year of Flodesk.

What are your favorite business tools? If you try any of these tools, let me know what you think!


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January 23, 2024



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