Why I Love Photographing 8 Month Olds

Every baby stage is fun to photograph for its own reasons but I really love eight month olds! My daughter Grace is eight months old right now and I am reminded again what a sweet spot this age is!

Here’s why you should book a milestone photo session for your 7-8 month old:

They can likely sit up on their own but can not yet crawl. We can get so much variety in poses with them on their own and with family without them running away from us!

They are often super smiley at this age. Blowing bubbles, silly noises, peek-a-boo, and tickles- they love it all!

Their schedule is relatively predictable (finally!). At this point, babies are typically on a predictable two-nap schedule, their wake windows are a little longer, and we can plan our session for when they’re at their best.

They have that classic Gerber Baby look. These are the days of chubby cheeks, adorable round bellies and leg rolls. They’ve likely filled out a lot from their newborn days but still have their baby look.

If your baby is 7-8 months old in the winter, or in May-July when the sun sets super late, or you just don’t want to have to worry about the weather, or your infant trying to eat all the grass/sand in sight – I highly recommend considering a studio milestone session!

I love that I can now offer my clients the opportunity to photograph their infant in my all white, natural light studio. My studio is located in Lexington, MA, just 10 miles / 25 minutes north of the city.

Caroline Winn is a Boston family photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, and family photography. She serves the greater Boston area (including Lexington, Arlington, Winchester, Melrose, Concord, Lincoln and more) and Cape Cod in the summertime.

If you love these photos, and you are looking for a Boston area newborn photographer I would love to begin planning your session. To see more of my maternity & newborn portfolio, and to learn more about working with me, please get in touch here.


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December 1, 2022



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